Digital Marketing

A digital presence is more important than ever before. The world is connected in a way only dreamed of a few decades ago and new opportunities for business growth are expanding rapidly. At Very Graphic Design, we take the confusion and complexity out of digital marketing.

Social Media Management

Frequent and engaging social media content is a vital element of business marketing in today’s connected world. We offer social media management to ensure your brand is consistently top of mind and you stay connected to your audience.

Social Media Advertising

Should I advertise on social media platforms? If so, what will I say? How do I target the people I want to reach? These are common questions when it comes to social media advertising. Very Graphic Design can work with you to identify and reach your target market throug carefully constructed campaigns.

Email Marketing

Email is still generating the highest ROI among major marketing channels (Every $1 spent on email marketing generates an average return of $44.25)*. If you’re not connecting with your client database via regular newsletters and emails, you’re missing a valuable marketing opportunity for your business. We can assist with mailer installation on your website and template configuration, to content creation and campaign analysis. Don’t have a client database? Sales funnels can generate you hundreds of leads and establish a ready-to-buy audience.  Ask us about how we can help your business grow.