Is Your Website Backed Up?

Consider this…. Your new website has gone live and you’re proudly sending the link to every man and his dog to check it out. Weeks go by and your website is gaining traction, people are noticing and it’s performing well for you. Then, two months down the track you need to change a price or date on your site. With some trepidation perhaps, in you go to the backend of your site, you search for the section to be changed, hit something that looks like this ‘x’ and realise you’ve deleted the bulk of your home page. You start clicking buttons and hitting the backspace bar on your web browser and everything crashes…. Frantically, you call your web designer and plead for help. The first thing they ask you is ‘do you have a recent backup of your site’? In another scenario, perhaps you spot an error popping up on your home page that you’ve never seen. You hit the speed dial on your phone and again ask your designer “what’s gone wrong?” “Have you updated your plugins recently?” they ask. WordPress websites are remarkably stable, light and error-free, however these kinds of situations do occur. Enter a website backup policy! Website backups are best practice 101 and should become part of a weekly website maintenance plan for any business, large or small. A recent backup will allow your website manager to quickly restore your site and undo any damage that may have occurred. WordPress sites also allow for an almost endless list of optional add-on plugins that give your site incredible flexibility but they need to be updated on a regular basis. Old, superseded plugins can cause a conflict on your site, resulting in an error or simply stop something working or appearing as it should. The WordPress platform itself is regularly updated and it’s vital to do a full site backup before updating the version, just in case something goes wrong. In summary, a website maintenance plan will ensure your site is safe, protected and up to date. You can learn how to do this yourself or ask your website designer/provider for a quote on maintaining your website for you. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your site is being taken care of is well worth the small monthly investment.